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The Hype is Real

I've used nasal inhalers for years to clear me up before filming or presenting, and generally, they've all worked fine. But I could tell VYV was different from my first try. It's so much more powerful and effective than anything else. It works reliably and instantly. It's small and compact so I can have it with me anywhere, and it keeps me clear and focused even at a moments notice. When I want to perform and feel my best, I use VYV!

Peter Von Panda
YouTube Personality

I live a very active lifestyle and whether it’s the gym, work, or social life VYV gives me the push I need to get going.

Tom Skupien
Sport Performance Coach

While working long hours, it can be difficult to find the motivation to train consistently. Some days take it out of you more than others and a lot of the time caffeine doesn't cut it. For those days, this squeeze bottle allows you to hit it harder. Whenever you need it, VYV gives you an immediate concentrated shift in motivation and focus to get it done.

Nick Erasmus
Power Lifter

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Brian Manders


Luke Pura


Chris Nielsen



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